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Mindful Hypnobirthing Private and Group Classes

What is it?

Mindful Hypnobirthing is a combination of hypnosis and mindfulness techniques. During the course you will learn to connect to the part of your mind that is beneath your conscious awareness. This helps you to prepare for labour by giving you the opportunity to shift your thinking from a state of fear, anxiety or apprehension, to calm, confident and positive. Allowing you to look forward to the birth of your baby with calm, confident expectation.
The techniques you lean will help you during labour by teaching you to turn your attention to the present and to relate to your experience with openness, inner calm and loving kindness.
Your partner will have the opportunity to learn to be the best birth partner they can be! To prepare emotionally for the birth, to share thoughts, fears and hopes, to create a deeper connection and offer support that comes from love, not fear.
Mindful Hypnobirthing provides a simple and adaptable toolkit for you both to use in preparation for, and throughout your birth experience.

Hypnobirthing: About


What is it?

Hypnobirthing is using hypnosis to prepare for birth. Most people have seen stage hypnosis, so the word hypnobirthing conjures up images of a swinging pendulum and people doing strange and embarrassing things on stage! In fact, hypnosis is a completely natural state, which you have already experienced many times before.
It is a pleasant state of mental relaxation during which you are still aware of what is going on around you (so you won’t act like a chicken if you don’t want to!) but your mind is not focused on these external stimulations.
It’s a bit like daydreaming or that relaxing moment just before you fall asleep.

Hypnobirthing: About

Hypnosis techniques you will learn during your Mindful Hypnobirthing course, and then practice at home, will help you to enter quickly into this natural state of relaxation.
When you go into this state of hypnosis you can access your subconscious. In your subconscious all the birth related experiences you have had, all the birth stories you have heard and all the TV births you have seen are stored. If you’re like most people today, these are mainly negative.
Choosing to connect to this part of your mind allows you to change the information that you have stored. To fill your subconscious with positive birth stories and images and experiences that make you feel confident and loved.
When you come out of hypnosis your conscious(thinking) mind will then have lots of positive information to use – changing your perspective from one of fear and apprehension to positivity and confidence.

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Hypnobirthing: About


What is it?

Mindfulness is another way to relax the mind but can be used differently than hypnobirthing. It is best used during advanced labour as it allows you to focus your attention inward, bringing yourself into the moment, emptying your mind and letting go of any thoughts.
Mindfulness is being aware of the experiences you are having and being present in each moment.
By learning and practicing mindfulness, you will become able to quickly and easily bring yourself into a meditative state, able to labour without focusing on intrusive thoughts – ‘how long will it take?’ – ‘will it be too painful?’ – Will I cope?’ all of which distract the mind and can cause unnecessary anxiety.
So…… Mindfulness and Hypnobirthing is where the magic happens!

Hypnobirthing: About

What to expect, investment and when to book

Online 1:1 course - £150 Including access to online self-paced course

In person 1:1 course - £200

Group Course p.o.a

Mindful hypnobirthing is a 6-hour course run over one full day or 2/3 evening sessions.

It is designed to run alongside the traditional antenatal class, offering you the information you need to enhance your birth with hypnosis and mindfulness.

It is a mixture of teaching, practical activity and mindfulness and hypnosis practice.

You will receive: -

  • A class journal to complete and keep.

  • Techniques to practice leading up to the birth.

  • Toolkit of support ideas to use during the birth.

  • Downloads of useful tracks for preparation and use during labour.

  • Access to members-only area of the website with additional material

  • On-going Mindful Hypnobirthing support from me.

The best time to take a workshop is around 28 weeks, as this will give you plenty of time to practice the techniques you will learn in preparation for birth. However, you can take a course any time you like, even up to past due date! Just completing the course will change your mindset and increase your preparation for labour and birth.

To book a private 1:1 course please get in touch so that we can arrange a course time that is convenient for you.

I am happy to run a group course for yourself and your antenatal course friends (minimum 4 couples). Please get in touch to chat about when this can be arranged.


Benefits of Mindful Hypnobirthing

Birth is important – how you feel about your birth will affect you for the rest of your life.

Four out of five women report feeling anxious about birth – it’s normal!

This course encourages you to prepare emotionally and mentally for the birth of your baby and for your early postnatal journey. When you are emotionally centred you will be much more in control – able to find the information you need and make the decisions that are most important to you.

Preparing using Mindful Hypnobirthing brings benefits for you, your baby, and your partner: -

  • Prepare you to feel calm, confident and positive about your birth.

  • Address and release any fear you may have of birthing and parenting.

  • Help your birthing partner to understand their role and how important it is.

  • Learn to quickly enter and stay in your birthing zone and in control of your responses.

  • Learn how to make your environment conducive to birth and comfortable, wherever you birth.

  • Have a calmer baby after birth.

Hypnobirthing: About
Hypnobirthing: About
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